The first time that I nervously approached an editor to pitch a series of travel stories, I had a story and photos ready for print plus examples of past work and a resume prepared.                                                     

Two sentences into my resume speech, the editor interrupted me with “Show me your work,” then pleasantly surprised me with “Yeah, this is good, let’s have a story ready for the next edition.” (Talk about getting to the point.)

Like most writers, I have responded to ‘need this yesterday’ phone calls and burned the midnight oil more than a few times, but I have never suffered from a lack of ideas for articles or stories. My interest in the lifestyles of different cultures in beautiful places and a keen desire to see the world are always leading me to unique experiences. 

When my best mate and I decided to leave successful careers in Sydney in order to sleep under the stars for a year or two while we walked and hitchhiked around Australia, Women’s Weekly published “Around Australia, Selling the Shirts Off Their Back.” In Bali, I was fortunate enough to attend a sacred ceremony in a remote jungle village, an experience which inspired “Under the Trance,” a cover story for Bali Echo Magazine.

I have spent much of my career freelancing, traveling, and using my education and skills to work in a variety of jobs around the globe in such places as New Orleans, Sydney, Kyoto, Torres Strait Islands, Guam, MIcronesian Islands, and now Ubud, Bali. After some hair raising experiences, including a serious accident in a remote region, I realized that versatility is the key to thriving, and sometimes surviving, in my chosen lifestyle. Writing (and getting paid for it) requires the same skill.

A Micronesian shaman once told me that my life would have many adventures and that I would see "the whole big story beyond the waters and across the lands." I hope he was right. I continue to write about life’s rich tapestry, woven by cultures around the world

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