Resume/Life Story


From black magic men in the remote islands of Micronesia to spiritual healers in the heavily populated tourist areas of Bali, I have met fascinating people, including one couple traveling around Australia with two pet chickens as their company. No matter where your chosen path in life takes you, everyone has a story to tell.

Do I meet challenges as a woman traveling alone? Of course, but single woman travel is fun, and the good times far outweigh the bad, some just too good to mention. As my life unfolds, I create a resume of experiences.

Following are some of my professional details:

  • Educator: English, ESL, art, art therapy, theater teacher.
  • NcGraw Hill Book Company NYC, college traveler 
  • Cross Cultural Consultant in Japan and Micronesian Islands
  • International Hotel Marketing Manager
  • Wrote articles about Australia while sleeping under the stars and traveling the continent for a year.
  • Created a writing program for Japanese business men assigned to live abroad
  • Wrote about the Japanese culture living in Japan and on Guam Island
  • Wrote articles for the Pacific Daily News on Guam Island
  • Wrote business profiles for Guam Business News
  • Created and wrote a cultural section for Guam Now Magazine, a Japanese tourist publication.
  • Established a natural dyeing business for indigenous women on remote islands in Palau 
  • Taught art and writing courses to teachers in Palau
  • Created a writing and art course for Head Start Program in the Micronesian Islands
  • Taught a creative writing course to Singapore freelancers.
  • Started Side By Side Organic Farm to feed those in need in East Bali
  • Wrote fundraising programs to raise funds for Side By Side Organic Farm.
  • Created fundraising events in Singapore to help disenfranchised women in East Bali
  • Made speeches to a variety of international organizations to raise awareness for self sustaining projects in Bali
  • Created volunteerism projects for international school groups
  • Started small market businesses for disenfranchised village women in East Bali
  • Wrote articles about spiritual healing and traditions of the Balinese people