Other Writing/Projects


Years ago, I set off from New Orleans to travel for three months to see the world. I quickly discovered that the world was a lot larger than ‘three months.’ I decided that where I was living at the time was home.

I have lived in a luxury apartment overlooking the Sydney Harbor Bridge, a container turned into a house on Guam, a two woman tent in Australia, and a house with no sides in Malekeok, Palau where one night the tides changed and the sea drenched everything in the house, including me.

Due to falling in love with the local people and suffering a serious accident in a remote area, I now have a home in the rice fields on the beautiful island of Bali. (Please see AOL travel heroes for that story.)

In Bali, my invitation to a Hindu ritual in an isolated village in the jungle inspired me to write about this unique ceremony that my Western mind did not understand. “Under the Trance,” piqued the readers’ interest in the culture, but the images of the poverty in the village haunted me so much that I felt the need to set up a self sustaining project for those less fortunate.

Instead of creative writing, I found myself composing:

Proposals for charitable organizations
Volunteerism newsletters
Letters requesting donations
Grant proposals
Motivational, inspirational speeches. (My toughest crowd was a group of first graders.)
Monthly newsletters to contributors to Side By Side Farm
Website information about self sustaining projects in East Bali

I started Side By Side Organic Farm, a global concerns grass roots project that feeds people in need, educates children, and introduces visitors to the authentic Balinese culture

After a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and a lot more time than I ever dreamed of, both the organic farm project and I are finally standing on our own.(Real people do not heal as rapidly as patients on Grey's Anatomy.)

Thus far, my adventures as a single woman traveling the world alone outweigh the misfortunes. With all the pathways that tempt me in life, I am still a wanderer and a writer